Tuesday, July 5

King’s Head Theatre announces its first ever digital season

Over a year since the King’s Head Theatre closed its doors due to Covid-19 (16th March 2021), it is delighted to announce Plays on Film: its first ever digital on-demand season, which brings together five smash-hit shows from some of the UK’s most exciting theatre makers, and combines the raw immediacy of live performance with high definition cinematography.

Filmed on location at the King’s Head Theatre, Islington, by the award-winning Shoot Media, the shows will be available to watch on the venue’s new on demand platform, KHTV, from anywhere in the world, ensuring every seat is the best in the house. Over 50% of ticket sales will go directly to the artists and companies involved at this difficult time for freelancers across the entertainment industry, with the remainder helping to secure the future of the UK’s leading pub theatre.

Executive Director Fiona English says: “We’re overjoyed to announce our very first all-digital season, Plays On Film. We believe these five incredible shows, and the extraordinary theatre makers that created them, deserve the global audience that an online platform can provide. We’re looking forward to working with the companies to realise the potential of filmed theatre on the fringe; as an artform in its own right to be enjoyed by audiences anywhere, at any time. With KHTV, distance never means disconnection for our audiences.”

Curated by the King’s Head Theatre’s programming team, led by Heather Ruck (former Head of  Programming at Assembly Festivals), Plays On Film includes drama, comedy and musical theatre offerings, all of which received critical acclaim for previous runs at prominent venues and festivals, including Edinburgh Fringe, Theatre Upstairs, Dublin and VAULT.

The programme includes JEW…ish, a quickfire romantic comedy exploring sex, polamory and Jewish identity; Vespertilio, an atmospheric tale of love, loneliness, bats and the unlikely connection between two gay men; Sacrament; a powerfully funny monologue about a young Irish Catholic woman questioning her sexuality; I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical, a sparkling revue show about the tumultuous world of musical theatre, on stage and off; and Illusions of Liberty, a searing exploration of invisible illness against the backdrop of a deeply ‘hostile environment.’

Priority booking for friends and supporters opens today with general sale to follow tomorrow at midday. The first three films will be available to watch Thursday 15 April – Wednesday 5th May and the remaining two Thursday 22nd April – Wednesday 12th May. Tickets are priced at £10 – £18, while a season pass for all five shows is available for £60. https://kingsheadtheatre.com/home

Unleash the Llama presents


Thursday 15th April – Wednesday 5th May 2021

“It was a total nightmare from beginning to end. The worst thing is, I think I learned guilt from him. Can you learn guilt?”

Unleash the Llama are proud to present the long awaited return of the ★★★★★ sell-out “hilarious”, JEW…ish, filmed in high definition by the award-winning Shoot Media as part of King’s Head Theatre’s digital on demand season, Plays On Film.

The twisted millennial romcom that absolutely no-one asked for, Jew…ish struck a resounding chord with audiences in smash-hit live runs in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

TJ and Max are in love; with polyamory, substance-abuse on the Portobello Road

and sexually-charged debates about Israel-Palestine. Occasionally even with each

other. There’s just one thing: Max is Jewish. TJ isn’t.

Watch as these mortal ‘frenemies’ navigate the cultural divide – amid death, pegging, and two millennia of inherited trauma – in this laugh-out-loud two-hander which asks the ultimate question: is it ever OK to get back with your ex?

Max Saul Boyer

TJ Edie Newman

Writers Saul Boyer & Poppy Damon

Directors Kennedy Bloomer & Toby Hampton

Sound Designer Tristain Rothschild

Producer Zoe Weldon

★★★★★ a ‘hilarious play’ – London Theatre Reviews

★★★★★ ‘I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed quite so much at a piece of theatre’ Within Her Words

★★★★ ‘Filled to the brim with delectable cultural jabs and explosive humour’ Broadway World

★★★★ ‘Fun from start to finish’ London Theatre1


Flight and Hope presents


Thursday 15th April – Wednesday 5th May 2021

“So there’s a theory that we all have a finite number of heartbeats. We all have a billion heartbeats to live. Humans, cats, dogs, rats – all our hearts beat at different speeds but we all have the same amount. A clock with a billion ticks.”

Flight and Hope present the critically acclaimed Vespertilio, filmed in high definition by the award-winning Shoot Media as part of the King’s Head Theatre’s digital on demand season, Plays on Film.

Written by Barry McStay (Our Island) and directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson (A Hundred Words for Snow), this atmospheric tale of loneliness and unlikely connection was a sell-out hit at London’s VAULT Festival and winner of the festival’s ‘Show of the Week’.

Inspired by the incredible true story of the last Greater Mouse-Eared bat living in Britain, Vespertilio explores the tender romance between Alan, a bat enthusiast, and Josh, the charming young runaway he meets in the dark.

Josh Joshua Oakes-Rogers

Alan Benedict Salter

Radio Announcer (Voice) Victoria Cook

Patricia Bramwell (Voice) Rhiannon Neads

Bob Langley (Voice) Toby Manley

George Topping (Voice) Mikey Brett

Writer Barry McStay

Director Lucy Jane Atkinson

Set Designer Verity Johnson

Lighting Designer Zia Bergin-Holly

Sound Designer Annie May Fletcher

Producer Jess Duxbury

‘This is such a pleasure… a play about home, belonging and the way that loneliness creeps up upon you so you hardly notice that it has become your shroud. Until another human being touches you’ Lyn Gardner, Stage Door

“Mesmerising, kind of dark, unexpected, sardonic and ever so slightly camp.” Exeunt Magazine

★★★★ ‘Barry McStay’s play is laced with humour’ RemoteGoat

★★★★ ‘Barry McStay’s script is very funny with lots of intergenerational confusion about Harry Potter and jokes about Batman.’ ReviewsHub

★★★★ ‘Both the fun and the sadness of a story of these two lost souls finding each other hits home’ The National Student


Lorna Wells presents

Illusions of Liberty

Thursday 15th April – Wednesday 5th May 2021

“I’m exhausted, and I just woke up. Don’t they say Eskimos have 1000 words for snow, or is it fifty? Should be at least 1000 words for tired if you ask me. So many different types of tired…. And so, few…. Beds.”

Following a wildly successful run in 2019’s Playmill festival, Lorna Well’s Online OnComm nominated dark comedy returns to the King’s Head Theatre as part of the our digital on demand season, Plays On Film.

Corinne Walker plays Liberty Jones, a cellist plagued by an ever increasing number of bewildering symptoms. Five days ago she was finally diagnosed with an invisible illness, which forces her to contend with a series of hard truths and convincing lies.

Through moments of anger, laughter and heartache, Illusions of Liberty exposes the injustice of living with an illness that no-one can see against the backdrop of a deeply hostile environment.

This film of Illusions of Liberty was recorded by Applecart Arts.

Liberty Jones Corinne Walker

Cellist Meera Priyanka Raja

Writer & Executive Producer Lorna Wells

Director Aisling Gallagher

Set & Costume Designer Sally Hardcastle

Lighting & Sound Designer Chuma Emembolu

Assistant Director & Stage Manager Gwenan Bain

Producer Rebecca Dilg

Personal Assistant & Support Worker for Lorna Wells Samantha Mensah

★★★★★ ‘Illusions of Liberty is informative, transparent, and resonating for many who can relate or who know of someone who can… as well as what strength, courage and perseverance, and freedom truly looks like beyond the surface’ Get The Chance

‘Wells forms humour from struggle and the show is bursting with moments of laughter’ A Younger Theatre

‘A bold, important one-woman show that shines the light on a subject rarely tackled on stage. Corinne Walker’s performance is phenomenal’ Afridiziak Theatre

‘Wells has created a character whose charm keeps us focussed and engaged’ Reviews Hub


King’s Head Theatre and Spectacular Music present

I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

Thursday 22nd April – Wednesday 12th May 2021

“I wish that my life were like a musical

That I could go waltzing through in style:

With each song and dance, I’d be less miserable;

With each sound of music, I’d smile…

For once, I’d not fear the routine,

My life would be fit for a queen.”

Spectacular Music presents I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical, filmed by the award winning Shoot Media, as part of the King’s Head Theatre’s digital on demand season, Plays On Film.

Boasting 20 ★★★★★ reviews and a West End Wilma Award following its sell-out 2019 Edinburgh Fringe run, and featuring a cast of West End regulars, this sparkling musical revue lifts the lid on the highs and lows of life as a musical theatre performer.

From voice-straining high notes to limb-spraining high kicks, via on-stage smooches and off-stage feuds, this laugh-out-loud caper takes in the journey from wide-eyed drama school graduate to difficult diva (or past-it chorus member).

With music and lyrics from iTunes comedy album chart-topper Alexander S. Bermange, get set for a thoroughly entertaining hour of awful auditions, debilitating dance routines and backstage backstabbing – as well as the magical moments that make it all worthwhile.

Composer & Lyricist, Musical Director, Co-Arranger, Pianist Alexander S. Bermange

Director & Choreographer Chris Whittaker

Co-Arranger Jerome van den Berghe

★★★★★ ‘Comedic musical theatre gold… A must-see’ Backstage Pass

★★★★★ ‘Flawless… Definite hit of the festival’ British Theatre

★★★★★ ‘There is so much to enjoy in this superb show’ British Theatre Guide

★★★★★ ‘Remarkable… Amazing… What a show’ Broadway Baby


Minerva Collective presents


Thursday 15th April – Wednesday 5th May 2021

“It’s entirely possible you’ve written me off since the day I put on my Repeal the 8th jumper and aren’t even listening now because of the way I voted. Both times. Sorry about that. Actually no. I’m sorry, God, I’m not sorry.”

Following a critically acclaimed run at the Vault Festival in London & Theatre Upstairs in Dublin, The Minerva Collective are proud to present Sacrament, filmed in high definition by the award-winning Shoot Media as part of King’s Head Theatre’s digital on demand season, Plays On Film.

In a small University town in the UK in the early 2010s, before Repeal the 8th, Queer Eye and same-sex marriage, Avicii is playing on full volume, vodka cranberry is flowing and a young Irish Catholic woman starts to question her sexuality.

The Church, the Bible and her Auntie Deidre might all agree that ‘man and woman were made for each other,’ but her openly lesbian mate Sophie sets her pulse racing, throwing her relationship with faith, family and the future into jeopardy.

Filmed in high definition, this powerful, funny and thought provoking monologue asks whether it’s possible to reconcile a religious upbringing with finding sexual empowerment as a young woman in the 21st century

Writer & Performer Leigh Douglas

Director Fiona Kingwill

Movement Director Amy Warren

Lighting Designer Timothy Kelly

Producer Heather Lai

‘Evokes comparisons to A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing’ Sunday Business Post

‘Douglas captivates in a poignant tale of catholic repression’ Sunday Business Post

‘Douglas undoubtedly has talent’ No More Workhorse

‘This play will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with their own sense of identity, irrespective of sexuality’ EILE Magazine