Thursday, September 21

I Was on a Sitcom – The Gilded Balloon, Teviot – Turret

Eden Sher’s show, I Was on A Sitcom, is situated in The Turret at The Gilded Balloon Teviot. It is not easily accessible. The room is hot and Sher sweats her way through the act. It’s perfect … because the subject matter isn’t easily accessible and could bring on a sweat of embarrassment in less capable hands. But not in Sher’s hands. She is a raconteur who can turn anything to gold.

Sher jokes, both verbally and physically, about the excruciating pain of giving birth to premature twins. Carrying her babies was an uphill struggle and the pregnancy culminated in a sweaty urgency. She cleverly links this life episode to her ten-year residency on the American sitcom, The Middle, explaining how she became, over time, half her character, Sue, and half herself, split from one egg, like her identical twins.

I don’t know the US show but this show was recommended to me. I’m glad. It was packed with fans and some, like me, who were complete novices.

Eden Sher is a talented writer and performs with a captivating physicality. She was herself. A bigger version of herself, And I liked her. I liked her generosity in sharing such intimate details in such a laugh-a-minute way, when, in reality, it was a personal horror story.

I liked that she exuded both vulnerability and a full-Scottish-breakfast worth of confidence. The mix was entrancing.

She humbly thanked the audience for coming at the end and offered to meet people afterwards for a chat. I had to catch a bus. I hope those who stayed enjoyed their second showtime with Eden.

Reviewer: Kathleen Mansfield

Reviewed: 5th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.