Sunday, July 14

I Should Be So Lucky – Liverpool Empire

This evening, I had the immense privilege of watching Debbie Isitt and Jason Gilkison’s brand new musical creation, ‘I should be so lucky’ at the marvellous Liverpool Empire Theatre, which cleverly comprises of Stock Aitken Watermans greatest hits intertwined into a hilariously feel-good tale.

The show takes us on an action-packed whirlwind, when two engaged lovers (Ella and Nathan) experience the greatest pre-wedding jitters of all, causing Ella to be jilted at the altar, but as the show’s tagline says ‘The wedding is off but the Honeymoon is on’!

The show opens to reveal a set of great stature, with many cut out heart layers all one behind the other boasting gorgeous seaside themed details and outlined with vibrant lighting on each panel, demonstrating the show’s incredibly high production values from the off. A variety of set moved on and off stage during the performance (including Jet Ski’s, Hotel Reception decor and Wedding scenery) however the show-stealing piece for me was the hot air balloon which soared across the stage and seated multiple cast members whilst doing so – a remarkable feature! A small screen draped along the back of the stage and displayed extra backdrops which helped provide a lot of context, and we even had a visit from Kylie herself, when she came to life on a magical mirror, giving her words of wisdom to our leading lady throughout the show.

Ella played by Lucie Mae Sumner and Nathan played by Billy Roberts were our power couple in the show. I must say that Ella took us on a real journey from immense heartbreak (being jilted at the alter) to elation and finding true happiness through the people you surround yourself with. Sumner and Robert’s voices blended beautifully together, and they had some electric duet moments.

Ella’s bridal party comprising of her mum Shelley (Melissa Jaques) her sister Britney (Jessica Daley) her grandma Ivy (Jemma Chuchill) and best friends Bonnie and Michael (played by Kayla Carter and Scott Paige respectively) Provided excellent comedic moments throughout the production and truly embodied that hen-party feeling. Other mentionable characters were swoony Nadeem played by Kade Farraiolo and the gloriously comedic Spencer played by Jamie Chapman.

As touched on vaguely previously, the lighting was vibrant and colourful, and I particularly loved the finale in which a heart-shaped disco ball descended, and the theatre was blasted with multicoloured strobe lighting for a full-on party atmosphere that got the entire audience on their feet.

We were unable to see the band throughout this show, however this in no way detracted from the wonderful musical adaptations of much loved Stock Aitken and Waterman hits such as ‘Venus’ and ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. In addition, the sound was well balanced and clear throughout the production.

Even with the rare show-stop that occurred during the performance, the cast’s energy and enthusiasm never sunk once and the show ended its performance to deservedly rapturous applause.

‘I should be so lucky’ runs at the Liverpool Empire until 20th April, when the production jets off to complete the rest of its UK tour. Tickets are flying out for this brand spanking new show, so don’t hesitate to click the link below and guarantee your seats.

Playing until 20th April,

Reviewer: Grace Annabel

Reviewed: 15th April 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.