Tuesday, September 26

Hematoma, A one-man dark comedy about finding what’s missing

This is a one man road-movie told on stage. Kieran re-tells the story of his craving to be challenged in order to fuse a gap he can feel in his brain. He sets off travelling, where he finds beautiful new environments, crippling hangovers, and, ultimately, a life-changing loss. Hematoma is a fast paced, witty play, where you’ll fall in love with this charming protagonist and feel as if you are journeying with him.

You’ll laugh at the absurd situations he finds himself in, and walk together with him through grief. After the year the world has just had, coming together with people in a theatre to share a collective loss will be an invaluable experience.

Kieran Dee, writer and performer of Hematoma, said: “In a year of being rooted to the same spot geographically, we have all been clutching for any attempt at escapism. Hematoma can take us all away on a trip around the world without anyone having to leave the country.”

WRITER and CAST: Kieran Dee (AlterEgo Theatre Company, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience)

DIRECTOR: Grace Millie (Moon Loaf Artistic Director, Temper Theatre, AlterEgo Theatre Company)

LIGHTING/SOUND DESIGNER AND TECHNICIAN: Sam Penn (Emilia – Vaudeville Theatre, Bat Out Of Hell – Dominion Theatre, Waitress – Adelphi Theatre)

Listings Information

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 42-44 Gaisford St, Kentish Town, London NW5 2ED

June 8th – 12th 7.30pm – 8.40pm


Price: £15

Running Time: 70 mins | Suitable for ages 16+, Contains Distressing Themes, Strobe Lighting, Strong Language/Swearing