Wednesday, July 6

Grimm Tales for Fragile Times and Broken People – Creation Theatre

In these dark and twisted times, Creation Theatre present dark and twisted tales, online via zoom.

Using the Brothers Grimm fairy tales as their inspiration, the five-strong cast seamlessly present a digital performance that both encapsulates the creativity of real world theatre and the wonder of online.

Creation Theatre have selected some of the most gruesome fairy tales including The Juniper Tree, The Moon and Godfather Death.

There’s an advisory to watch this production in the darkest of rooms (I did), and it’s important to follow this to get into the mood. This is not your average sit-back-and-watch-along show, it does require concentration to follow the different actors and the different storylines.

The costumes and make up, along with the settings and backdrops, are bespoke and of a standard reminiscent of a professional live stage show. The attention to detail is excellent and throughout you feel the theatrical flair from the innovative camera angles to the acting techniques.

But while the production is seamless, I felt the stories were a little disjointed and at times was a bit bewildered as to what plot belonged to which story. Perhaps this is due to me not being as familiar with the Grimm fairy tales as I’d thought I was, and it must be remembered the themes are rather off-the-wall with cannibalism, child abuse and murder considered the norm. It is therefore not a production suitable for younger eyes or for anybody of a sensitive disposition.

‘Grimm Tales for Fragile Times and Broken People’ is the first in a series of productions by Creation Theatre Rep Company and shows the ingenuity and creativity with how online theatre can be presented. Available online until the 13th March 2021 via

Reviewer: Samantha Collett

Reviewed: 25th February 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★