Thursday, September 28

Enough – The King’s Arms, Salford

“Enough,” a thought-provoking production by Moonstone Theatre, plunges into the harsh realities of systemic misogyny and sexism within UK police forces. Written by Emily Hunter and inspired by the heart-wrenching Sarah Everard case, the play delivers an essential message, though its predictability somewhat hampers its impact.

The script showcases the experiences of Constable Irie Dayton, a role brought to life with remarkable emotional depth by Riah Amelle. However, at times, the dialogue leans towards predictability, reducing the punch that such a profound topic merits.

Despite this Fringe production’s minimalistic setting, the performances are noteworthy. Emily Hunter, taking on the role of Constable Chris Dash, brings a marked intensity to the play, particularly during a pivotal interviewing scene. Gemma Green completes the cast, fully inhabiting her character, Sergeant Spence, with a palpable conviction.

The play’s ‘big reveal’ towards the end, however, doesn’t quite deliver the dramatic punch it aims for. Instead of a surprising twist, the plot unfolds predictably, lessening the overall impact and becoming the main reason for a 4-star rating instead of a perfect 5.

Despite this shortcoming, “Enough” shines in its sobering treatment of critical societal issues like sexual assault, presenting them as disturbingly mundane topics of conversation.

“Enough” stands out for its powerful performances and its bold narrative addressing an urgent societal issue, even if its predictability, particularly in the climax, leaves room for improvement. Returning to the King’s Arms on 12th and 19th July, it offers a stark reminder of the ongoing fight against misogyny and sexism – a battle that we must continue until we can assert, with absolute certainty, that enough is indeed enough.

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Reviewer: Brian Madden

Reviewed: 11th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.