Wednesday, December 6

Ellen & Rigby – Royal Court

I always get excited when I’m reviewing at the Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre because the experience is always second to none. This time was no exception.

Ellen & Rigby by Gerry Linford the show synopsis is as follows

“Lucky in life, unlucky in love, Ellen has been looking for a man. Now, thanks to the organisational power of the NHS, Joe Rigby has been dropped in her lap!

A rock star who nearly made it in 1985, Joe has been living alone for so long that he didn’t realise that he was unhappy so it’s a good job Ellen arrived to let him know. He needs taking in hand (not like that, you dirty ticket) and Ellen is quite the catch. She was Miss Old Swan in 1991 and that kind of beauty doesn’t fade away no matter how many years are heaped on top of it.

After 12 months alone, these two lonely people are trapped together for 12 weeks between Joe’s vaccinations. It’s either going to be an exciting experiment in love or a colossal pain in the arse depending on who you ask. Will true love win out or will they just throttle each other?”

Ellen & Rigby at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.
Pictures Jason Roberts

This show had laughs throughout the performance but with some tender moments that evoked the feeling of everyone over the last 18 months during the pandemic. Ellen is played by Lindzi Germain a real powerhouse with impeccable timing she had the audience in the palm of her hand laughing one moment and crying wishing they could hug her the next. Rigby was played by Andrew Schofield offering a real masterclass in dry quick wit. My only criticism of this show was I felt that 2.5 hours including interval was a bit too long and could easily be done in 2 hours but this is a very minuscule criticism. The show was under the Direction of Stephen Fletcher a firm favourite in the Royal Court as a writer, actor and director.

If you’re needing a laugh, decent meal and night to forget the real world then book this show, support Liverpool’s finest talent and give life back to the theatre industry.

Ellen & Rigby continues at Liverpool’s Royal Court until 31st July, more information and tickets can be found at

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 7th July 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★