Saturday, July 20

Diva! Live from Hell! – King’s Head Theatre

Diva: Live from Hell! is a one-man musical performed by the sensational Luke Bayer. If you’re anything like me, you might be sceptical about how one person can pull off a musical solo. Well, brace yourself to be engulfed by the flames of hell as you dive into a story that’s unbelievably hot and laugh-out-loud funny. Bayer is an absolute menace on stage, seamlessly shifting between characters and embracing the role of an extravagant diva with exceptional ease, all while belting out great and catchy songs.

This show is incredibly camp and nothing short of enjoyable from start to finish. The story starts off with a high school musical vibe, complete with catchy songs and energetic dances. It touches on themes of self-discovery and sexuality before spiralling down a devilish path, where the former president of the drama club turns into a full-fledged diva and takes us on a murderous adventure. Bayer showcases a variety of skills, from quick wit and humour to impressive tap dancing, all whilst singing some fast-paced tunes.

The premise of the show is intriguing and immediately draws you in. Desmond Channing, the once-reigning drama club president, finds his life turned upside down when a talented newcomer, Evan Harris, arrives and threatens his throne. Desmond’s reaction to this new rival is anything but ordinary, leading to a series of events that are both shocking and hilariously entertaining. The story masterfully weaves in elements of dark comedy and suspense, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Bayer’s performance is exceptional. He embodies each character with distinct mannerisms and voices, making it easy for the audience to follow the transitions. His portrayal of Desmond is particularly compelling, capturing the character’s descent from high school glory to a hellish cabaret performer. The intensity and passion Bayer brings to the stage are palpable, and his ability to maintain such high energy throughout the performance is truly impressive.

The only downside to this performance is that it ends. The show is incredibly fast paced, leaving you no moment to rest from laughing. Each scene flows seamlessly into the next, creating a whirlwind experience that leaves you wanting more. Don’t miss out on this devilishly delightful show and head down to hell in the King’s Head Theatre before the 29th June.

Reviewer: Zain Russell

Reviewed: 6th June 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.