Thursday, September 21

Dee Christopher The Psychic Vampire – Frankenstein & Bier Keller

In the dark depths of the spookiest pub in Edinburgh you can find yourself a magic act like non other. Dee Christopher takes you on a journey to prove both his legitimacy as a real life vampire and his skill as a magician using the mediums of storytelling, humour and some seriously impressive tricks.

The best way to describe Dee Christopher as a performer would be a man with the essence of an old Hollywood rock star, he is like Johnny Depp if they had let him play a cool vampire instead of the strange thing from Dark Shadows. His voice is somewhat calming but at the same time you feel as though you’re watching some mysterious stranger in a bar who’s stories you could listen to all night.

Not only are we given magic, but through audience choices we are told stories of this vampire’s life and how he got invested in such an industry. All tricks fit the theme perfectly with blind blood tasting and super speed, the whole thing is brilliantly put together leaving you to walk out wondering not only how he did his tricks, but also could this man really be a supernatural being?

Whilst the stage may be small and limiting Christopher makes the most of his intimate setting picking out members from all over the audience (be prepared for some audience participation) to confirm his tricks are all real and that there aren’t just plants in the audience for him to use, I can personally confirm this as my own mother was chosen for one trick. There is also the much desired element of danger within the show, something I think we all crave within magic acts these days.

If you are into a spookier act, enjoy some magic and like some well told stories definitely get yourselves booked for this brilliant show. This isn’t just a magic show, it’s an experience you aren’t likely to forget.

Dee Christopher: The Psychic Vampire plays at the Frankenstein Pub- Bier Keller from 23rd – 28th August at 16:30.

Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewed: 23rd August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.