Sunday, June 16

Cowboys and Lesbians – Pleasance Dome

As I stepped into the theatre, the twang of country music surrounded me, setting the tone for the story that was about to be told.

Each backdrop on the stage meticulously hand-painted, setting the scene for a world waiting to be explored, with this a ladder and a simple box, unassuming yet intriguing, overall, a very charming and well crafted set

The audience buzzed, it was clear that this was a full house, ready for what we were about to see. The show started and we were transported into the lives of ordinary teenagers, casually chatting about crushes on teachers, which was nostalgic and familiar to most.

The play developed into a coming-of-age narrative; a story that resonated with experiences many LGBT people have all shared. The transitions were accompanied by music that punctuated each scene change.

The characters were relatable and realistic, the mention of “why don’t they just make more chicken” got a laugh of recognition back to the days of school lunches. The back-and-forth between stories and the casual chitchat of these teenage girls added realistic layers to the characters and their development alongside the story.

The play challenged stereotypes, offering a fresh perspective while two actors masterfully took on multiple roles of different genders, showcasing their versatility. The play confronted the notion of coming out, underscoring the idea that sexual identity doesn’t have to be something you should have to announce. With each scene, the narrative built upon itself, mirroring the girls’ lives with the story they were creating.

This link between stories became stronger as characters from one story started being in scenes with characters from the other, personally I have never seen this done before in such a clever way.

Cowboys and Lesbians stitched together relatable moments, diverse characters, and a narrative that beautifully grasped the complexities of identity and growing up.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk

Reviewed: 11th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.