Thursday, September 28

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space – Gilded Balloon, Patter Hoose

As I entered the venue for Bowjangles’ “Dracula in Space,” the atmosphere had been set with the unsettling sound of bells and crow noises, alongside the red gothic wallpaper against elaborate gold wall decorations, this further intensified the mysterious allure of the space. 

The stage came alive with the presence of the musicians that showcased a fusion of dancing, string instruments and singing. The choreography was well crafted, the musicians moved seamlessly with the music; the combination of the choreography and the different singing voices created a mesmerising visual and auditory experience.

The comedy aspect consisted of musical humour, sprinkling in plenty of music-related jokes that I didn’t understand myself but got some good laughs from the audience. Apparently, the viola players are the butt of the joke in this show. I wonder if that is an opinion that extends to the string instrument community?

Breaking the fourth wall, they engaged the audience directly, creating an immersive experience that made us feel like participants in the narrative. The clever use of moving lights and shadow work added a touch of enchantment, reinforcing the space theme of the performance.

One of the standout moments was the hilariously unconventional promotion of their CD during the show, the CD, in fact, had a major part in the plot. Another highlight of the performance was the unexpected feminist pop anthem, this left us with a powerful message that the audience could relate to and reflect on. 

Bowjangles “Dracula in Space” is a masterpiece that combines captivating visuals, enchanting music, and comedy.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk 

Reviewed: 11th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.