Friday, February 23

Compass Festival 2021 – First Projects Announced!

Compass announce their first projects for their live art festival running from 19th – 28th March 2021.   This festival was postponed from November 2020 and will now aim to invigorate public spaces by staging its live art projects in Leeds.  Using spaces such as shopping centres, markets, museums and the city streets.  See below for the first project announcements:

Museums In People’s Homes

Would you like a visit from Joshua Sofaer and Museums in People’s Homes in your home during 2021?

Joshua Sofaer has created a mobile museum comprising 14 artworks, each representing a collector in Leeds, telling the fascinating stories of the museums people keep in their homes.

Book a tour to see objects from our portable museum – and you can even visit a fun size café and tiny gift shop.

Public House: The Yorkshire Square – Etheridge & Persighetti (Small Acts)

Public House: The Yorkshire Square is a 12ft x 12ft pop-up pub bringing a ferment of connections, conversations and experiences, to the heart of Leeds iconic Kirkgate Market.

Explore the enduring role of pubs as places of community, intergenerational exchange, entertainment and activism – or simply have a pint.

Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) – ZU-UK

Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) is an invitation for collective listening, experienced through all public payphones in Leeds.

Created by ZU-UK in response to rising suicide rates across the country, Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) is a gentle but thought-provoking audio experience that explores contemporary loneliness and exposes the edges of our humanness.

Some further projects will be announced in January 2021, so follow Compass Festival 2021, on Facebook and Twitter and details can be found on their website