Saturday, April 13

Chicago – Liverpool Empire

Last night in Liverpool the cast of Chicago set out to give the audience a little Razzle Dazzle as the production kicks off on its tour. This show has a glorious score and a brilliant cast to match.

The synopsis of the story is Roxie Hart played by Faye Brookes is arrested for murdering Fred Casely. However, she always dreams of being a show girl. After being arrested she’s put in the Cook County jail we’re she meets shows girl Velma Kelly (Djalenga Scott). Needing to get out of the clink before she is headed for the death penalty, she asks the keeper of keys Matron Mamma Morton (Sheila Ferguson) for help and after a few expensive calls, in comes Billy Flynn (Russell Watson), who for 5000 dollars will represent Roxy. Part of the plan will be to win over journalists one in particular is Mary Sunshine (B. E Wong) who has a bit of a soft spot for a sob story.

©Tristram Kenton

This show is Watson’s debut as Billy Flynn and whilst I can’t knock his singing voice, I do feel he could have given more to the acting side of the role. Brookes and Scott, we’re a great double act and drew the audience in with their storytelling, comedic charm and beautiful harmonies in their singing. However, the song and indeed the actor that stole the show was Amos Hart (Jamie Baughan) he had the biggest cheer of the night when he sang Mr Cellophane. We’ve all (well me at least) liked someone who maybe was a bit out of our league who we secretly love and would do anything for, only for them to not feel the same back. The mood of the audience was that we wanted to give Amos a hug and tell him to leave Roxy he can do better, but I guess you can’t help who you love.

As much as I enjoyed the show, and loved the score there were moments that I felt it could have been quicker and they dragged on a bit too long. One moment was the scene before the song ‘Funny Honey’

The audience whooped and cheered throughout the show and some lines were lost because they spoke as the audience were clapping showing their appreciation.

This show is definitely worth the watch you’ll have your foot tapping and your heart singing with the fabulous musicians and incredible actors and ensemble. Go and catch a ticket if you can be Razzle Dazzled as you hear tales of how Roxy and Fred both reached for the gun and all that jazz.

Chicago continues at the Empire until 12th February before continuing on its UK tour.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 10th February 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★