Sunday, October 2

Bouncers – Liverpool’s Royal Court

Last night was the opening night of bouncers. Before I get into my review, a massive thank you to the Royal Court theatre Liverpool for accommodating myself as I arrived a little earlier than planned. 5 days to be exact. So, thank you for being legends. As I walked into the theatre there was a love DJ on the stage. Which to me was new and immersive as soon as you walked in along with bouncers walking round the dining area. Upon sitting at my table I got the impression that If someone built a nightclub with theatre seating watching the Merry patrons in the club, this would be what they had in mind.

The show was originally penned by John Godber in the 1970s he was also known for writing teachers and up ‘n’ under. The original was also set in Yorkshire; however, this was adapted new version with permission might I add by Maurice Bessman, making it set in Liverpool and had the odd covid/pandemic reference.

The story its self is about 4 bouncers called Judd (Mutty Burman) Les (Micheal Horsley) Lucky Eric (Joe Speare) and Ralph (Zain Salim). Who talk about their life in the job but also the day-to-day goings on within the clubs they survey to help protect from trouble.

This show used top quality multi rolling technologies with excellent comic timing between the 4 of the comedic actors. However, I felt that that after a while it felt over the top and very camp and after a while it was boring to the point, I thought I had deja vu. The running time was 2 hours 30 with an interval but felt 30/40 mins could have been taken off easily. There were more highs than lows for example they had excellent choreography, beautiful singing harmonies and even some big surprises. There was even some rather surprising and beautifully delivered serious moments from Lucky Eric. Whilst it wasn’t my cup of tea, I was obviously a minority because almost everyone in the theatre were laughing and up dancing loving life and indeed loving theatre.

If you’ve ever wondered what a doorman mentality is and what they see whilst we have our beer goggles on, then this show is for you. The actors are brilliant and perfectly cast, you can see why this show has been coming over the years.

Bouncers plays until 11th September

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 14th August 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★