Thursday, September 28

Boudica – Greenside at Infirmary Street

This play is a modern interpretation of the life of Boudica, who was Queen of the ancient British tribe of the Iceni, who led a failed revolt against the Roman Empire in AD 60/61.

At this point in Boudica’s life, her husband Peter (King Prasutagus in the ancient world), has recently died, and Boudica (Jo Scherer) and her daughters Gallia (Bella Yow) and Aoife (Lila Patterson) are at the funeral mourning his loss.  Following the funeral, Boudica hears from Cato (Buster Van Der Geest), that there is no Will, and therefore, as her husband had run up debts within the company, her husband’s assets now belong to the company.  Cato has replaced Boudica within the company so now has control of the company, and her finances, but offers her what he feels is a sweet deal to help her daughters, and she must move in with him, so that he can take care of her.

As the plot moves on, the stakes are raised, but watch the play to find out what happens next!  This play is loosely associated with the story of Boudica’s revolt, and the kingdom has been replaced by a business where all of the disputes of entitlement are played out.  This is a heavy storyline for such a young cast, but they handle the dialogue well, directed ably by Emily Speed who in turn can thank Sam Mason the writer, for an interesting re-imagining of this ancient tale. 

There was an occasional issue with audibility, as the air conditioning unit drowned-out some of the dialogue, so I would encourage the performers to project their voices, or if the weather allows, to switch off the air conditioner.

Overall, this was an interesting play, and I hope it continues to be developed.

To book tickets to see Boudica go to –  The show runs until the 12th August 2023.

Reviewer: Caroline Worswick

Reviewed: 6th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.