Sunday, June 16

Boff and Daniel run away from it all

These Hills Are Ours written by writer-performer Daniel Bye and Chumbawamba’s Boff Whalley exploring their mutual love of running and freedom gets its world premiere at ARC Stockton in January.

The pair also celebrates the freedom to roam wild places and asks both of them what they’re really running from.

For the last three years Bye and Whalley have been running a series of routes, from the centre of any place they found themselves in up to the top of the peak overlooking that city. Daniel then took off on one epic journey travelling more than twice as far as he’s ever run before.

In story and in song this is the story of what they found out – about the relationship between city and country, between wild and controlled, about land ownership, about why we’re drawn to wild places and about how far people are prepared to go for what they believe in.

“Boff and I have worked together on lots of projects, from very small to large enough to warrant an AA road sign, and work conversations always had a habit of drifting into conversation about running,” says Daniel Bye.

“So we thought it was high time to make hay out of that and work together on a show with running as its starting point.

“As these things do, it’s evolved into something about much more than that as non-runners will get just as much from this show as runners. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the countryside, celebrated freedom, done something really hard, or just wanted to run away from it all, will be at home in this show.”

And for people inspired by the show there is an extra challenge if they feel like it.

“For those who want it, though, there is a bonus for runners so in each venue we’ll invite the audience to join us for a run the following morning.

“The route will be an escape, a route out of the town or city to the nearest high, wild, or green place. Because that’s what we’ve done together as part of working on the show and it’s great to be able to share that with the audience in a more real setting than a post-show Q&A. Although if you don’t run and do want to chat, I expect we’ll be in the bar afterwards.”

These Hills Are Ours, directed by Katharine Williams, kicks off at ARC Stockton from 20th – 21st January 2021 and then tour till late June.

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