Saturday, April 13

Blood Harmony – The Lowry

Blood Harmony (written by Matthew Bulgo, directed and choreographed by Jonnie Riordan and Jess Williams) is a melange of styles and ideas, brought together to tell a seemingly simple story. Three sisters Chloe (Eve de Leon Allen), Maia (Keshini Misha) and Anna (Philippa Hogg) re-unite after the death of their mother to sift through the detritus of their past and present lives, sorting out regrets, grudges and grief, while charting a course to the future.

If that sounds like heavy weather, don’t worry there are plenty of sitcom laughs and laughter at recognisable archetypes along the way. The play feels like the offspring of Friends and Chekov’s Three Sisters, with a reassuringly cosy atmosphere to take the edge off the emotional sharpness of the dialogue. The performances by the three actors are all highly well-executed, with a down-to-earthness that makes the characters relatable; performed in an archetypical style they are recognisable characters, and easily relatable. The musicality and choreography also help to make the subject matter – which could easily have become joyless – more easily accessible to audiences.

Technically, the performances quite literally rest on the domestic setting of a loft, brought to life with minimalistic luminosity by the set designer Hayley Grindle and the construction team. The set is an intricate wonder with plenty for the eye to feast on and marvel at, from floor to ceiling and beyond.

While the subject matter is not everyone’s cup of tea, the performances and musical set pieces uplift what could have been a morbid trip through grief into an engaging and enthralling experience.

Playing until 18th June,

Reviewer: Amanda Hodgson

Reviewed: 14th June 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★