Tuesday, July 5

BenDeLaCreme is… Ready To Be Committed – Leicester Square Theatre

BenDeLaCreme oozes charisma in her spectacular solo showcase. The show begins with her preparing for marriage, except she is missing a groom and a wedding dress amongst other “small” details. Coerced by a feisty and entitled wedding cake topper, BenDeLaCreme’s doubts are pushed aside as she plans her special day. She begins to question the notion of marriage and love, inspired by talking inanimate objects which come to life. Full of colour and range, from historical raps to a medieval version of Single Ladies, DeLa shows her talent as a performer, lyricist and creative director.

The dramatisation of relatable events, of rejection, excitement and anticipation are almost cathartic to watch, as she allows her full emotional expression. The Grindr experience in which the men are ken dolls that only show their torsos highlights the strangeness of dating apps and the eventual disappointment conveys how disheartening online dating can be. BenDeLaCreme’s quest to get married is partly spurred on by her idea that a single life would be horrific; she’ll be surrounded by cats and will feast on Doritos before eventually accidentally killing one of the cats. Though hyperbolic, this does show the catastrophic thinking that led people to make big life decisions out of fear. DeLa also covers the origins of marriage and dowry and how historically, a woman would be given to her husband as property.

Whilst addressing these heavier topics, DeLa keeps it light and entertaining with graceful dance numbers and a particular flair throughout. She is engaging, responsive and consistently sassy, delivering witty quips effortlessly. It is a vocally and emotively strong performance, not to mention her skilful multi-roling in which she plays all the other characters.

The sound and lighting design were brilliant. The lighting in particular, matched up really well with DeLa entering into thought spirals and the spotlights had a grand effect. DeLa’s love for visual arts was also clear with absurd elements and projections throughout.

BenDeLaCreme is Ready to Be Committed is a dazzling evening, filled with lots of food for thought and a multi-talented performer.

Reviewer: Riana Howarth

Reviewed: 10 June 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★