Friday, September 22

Award winning theatre company return to Greater Manchester Fringe

Award winning theatre company, Northern Rep, are returning to Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in 2023, this time with two original plays.

One man show BOSIE, written and performed by Rik Barnett, tells the story of Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas (Bosie), the illicit lover of Oscar Wilde and reminisces on the destruction left in his wake.

After being forced into exile, Bosie is powerless and angry. Compelled to face his past and the persecution endured by his father. Battling his own tour de force of personal philosophies and deep reflection on how his actions led to Oscar Wilde’s disgrace and how he, Bosie a gentleman of Victorian high society is now trapped, degraded and alone.

The scandal and outrage of this overshadowed character in Wilde’s downfall is finally examined through the delicious and intoxicating perspective of the lover himself. Bosie is irreverent, charming and venomous… and he will tell his story, in his own way.

Bright Lights City by Laura Genders explores the very different lives of two very different people, and how their brief encounter might irreversibly change everything for both of them.

It is an honest and thought-provoking delve into the romanticism of nostalgia and the cold hard truths of all that it means to grow up in the modern world. Who is the tutor and who is the student in navigating these themes? And does age really trump beauty in all the wisdom that can be gained?

BOSIE will be on at The Fitzgerald, 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB from 10th – 13th July 2023 and Bright Lights City will see the company’s return to Salford Arts Theatre, Kemsing Walk, Salford, M5 4BS from 19th – 21st July 2023. Tickets and information can be found at