Thursday, September 21

Adam Riches: The Beakington Town Hall Murders – Soho Theatre

Adam Riches’ captivating performance in ‘The Beakington Town Hall Murders’ at Soho Theatre delivered a boisterous evening of entertainment, leaving the audience in stitches from start to finish. This highly interactive and participatory production showcased Riches’ remarkable talent for comedic storytelling, combining it with an immersive and unique “whodunit” style play.

Despite the London audience being much smaller than anticipated, the intimate setting of Soho Theatre only enhanced the overall experience. With the theatre barely half-filled, an atmosphere of anticipation and exclusivity was palpable, providing an immediate connection between the performer and the audience, and with the threat from Riches that “no one is safe”, Riches was able to engage directly with spectators, drawing them into the unfolding mystery with a delightful blend of wit and charm.

‘The Beakington Town Hall Murders’ thrives on the entirely interactive and collaborative nature of the performance, encouraging audience members to become active participants in solving the intricate puzzle. They find out that last night, a gruesome disaster struck the Beakington Town Hall Christmas Fundraiser, and ten tortoises were massacred by a member of the Town Hall Council (the audience). Using various character guises, different games and tasks, Riches has to legitimately work out who the killer was by seamlessly integrating improvisation into the show, adapting his comedic genius to the unpredictable responses and reactions from the unsuspecting audience members. 

Riches’ impeccable comedic timing was on full display throughout the entire production from start (as the audience entered the auditorium), until the very end. His ability to think on his feet and weave humour into every second of the performance ensured non-stop laughter, with a brilliantly crafted script that provided the perfect canvas for Riches to showcase his skills. The meticulous attention to design, lighting, and sound effects also created an immersive environment that transported the audience to the heart of a murder investigation, enhancing the overall theatrical experience.

‘The Beakington Town Hall Murders’ is a must-see production for whodunit enthusiasts seeking laughter, engagement, and an exceptionally unique theatrical experience. the show will run from 12th – 17th June 2023 at 7:30pm, with tickets on sale now at

Reviewer: Alan Stuart Malin

Reviewed: 12th June 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.