Saturday, July 20

Wifi-Sexual – Greenwich Theatre

“WiFi-Sexual” is “an outrageously dark romcom” that explores the concept of being in a relationship with AI. In our modern world, AI like Alexa, Google Home, and even Tesco’s self-checkout machines are integrated into our daily lives. But have you ever considered dating your AI tool? This show promises to explore what that could look like.

The first act opens with laugh-out-loud comedy, highlighting the perks and challenges of being in a relationship with technology. It starts by depicting the craving for intimacy while hearing another’s sexual encounters. The story centres on an awkward individual navigating the dating world, struggling to meet others and definitely not ready for the open conversations that his AI tool, Mandy, was ready to have with him, including very vocal phone sex.

Tom Hodgson and Harrison Trott deliver their lines superbly. They managed to skillfully act out awkward sexual encounters with an invisible entity. Kate Lindsey shines in her dual roles as Zach’s girlfriend, Lisa, and the voice of the AI, Mandy. Her ability to switch between accents and embody each character effectively showcases her talent.

The show continues to deliver comedic moments, imagining life with intimate relationships with AI. It remains relatable with jokes referencing Harry Potter, Netflix, and comparisons of AI to Tesco’s infamous self-checkout machines. The advancements in technology even show Mandy buying presents for delivery using YOUR card. Just imagine Alexa deciding to purchase something it thinks that you may need, especially when you are the one paying for it! Even worse that the things that it thinks you may need are some new sex toys.

The second act delves into more serious topics, addressing intimacy, the importance of honest conversations with partners, and issues of consent. It raises questions about whether AI tools even require consent. Whilst touching on these bigger topics, the show continues to deliver them in an engaging and light-hearted way, maintaining the comedy and making the overall experience enjoyable. Despite its humorous approach, the show prompts thoughts about how AI and advancements in technology could shape our future.

Overall, “WiFi-Sexual” is a delight from start to finish, filled with pure, laugh-out-loud jokes. Despite a small cast, the actors deliver great dialogue and hit the punchlines consistently. It’s a great performance that remains enjoyable throughout. If you come across this show, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. However, it might not be the best choice to watch with your mum.

Reviewer: Zain Russell

Reviewed: 18th May 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.