Monday, April 22

Twenties – Online @theSpaceUK

Funny and relatable, Charlotte Anne-Tilley’s production Twenties, from @theSpaceUK’s new line up of online shows, explores the trials and tribulations of young adulthood from the perspective of 21-year-old Hope.

Mostly performed as a monologue interwoven with dialogue, wide-eyed and determined Hope (Charlotte Anne-Tilley) tells the story of leaving her small town life in Cheshire for the bright lights of London. As Hope tells her parents the news, their reaction was certainly one of the most relatable moments in the show. Hope’s concerned mother (Jess Parsons) listing every potential danger she may encounter in London whilst her distracted father (Harry McMullen) responding with indifference, felt pretty bang on to how many parents may react when their child decides to move away.

Anne-Tilley’s portrayal as Hope as she navigates the “nitty gritty of London living” was definitely the standout performance of the show. Hope’s experiences of the terrible minefield that is online dating and living alone for the first time capture the chaotic struggles of being 20-something both painfully and hilariously well.

Alongside the more humorous moments, the show manages to explore more serious topic too, such as sexual assault. Despite the lack of trigger warning, which would’ve been helpful, I think that the cast handled this issue very sensitively. A special mention has to go to Zoe Birkbeck as Hope’s friend Beth, with her brilliant portrayal of this all too familiar and horrible scenario as a young woman on a night out.

Although there were a few problems with audio levels and the editing between scenes wasn’t perfect, Anne-Tilley’s strong writing certainly makes up for the technical issues. The fun but also terrifying feeling of “I have no clue what I’m doing” that Hope experiences throughout the show is certainly something that many of us can relate to at that age. I could definitely see myself in Hope’s character, her determination to succeed without her parents and her struggles with paving her own way in the world, made Anne-Tilley’s performance fun to watch.

Overall, I thought that the show’s exploration of a young adult’s desire to fly the nest and carve out their own identity whilst trying to juggle their newfound independence and responsibilities was refreshingly enjoyable. At just 30 minutes long, Twenties is short but sweet and is certainly a must if you’re in need of a quick theatre fix that’ll make you chuckle.

Twenties is being streamed on Online @theSpaceUK until 31st January 2021   

Reviewer: Gemma Prince

Reviewed: 10th January 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★