Sunday, October 2

Tick Tock – Hope Street Theatre

A new play was written and performed at Liverpool’s Hope Street Theatre called Tick Tock by Debbie Redcliffe (The Responder, Moving on). Before you ask, no I don’t mean the social media app where you can floss and lip Sync. This play Tick Tock, directed by Margaret Connell (Forgotten Voices and Blood Runs Deep). Follows the story of Sarah, Jenna and Pauline.

Sarah (Debra Redcliffe) has dreams to be a mother, she was forever eating healthy, checking her temperature and when it was time to do the deed made sure her husband Danny knew about it. However, whilst trying it became clear that not all seemed right. The tests were negative, and hope was drifting away.

Jenna’s life (Lisa McMahon) unfolded where she opened up about the miscarriages she had gone through. Whilst she had a family of 4 children it can never take away the pain of going through a loss of a baby. Whether born or unborn. This really spoke to me, this story. I wanted to give Jenna a hug and say it’s ok. She had her husband Mike around her and her kids, but you can still feel so alone.

Finally, Pauline (Emma Vaudrey), is searching for the one by going on a date with Mike to an art gallery, Pauline longs to be loved and to be with someone who can love her and equally she doesn’t want to push them away.

Within each story the ladies would sing an excerpt of a song. To me it felt odd and out of place and took away from the three stories. The script itself was poignant, heartfelt had peppered moments of comedy. I would have liked to see the stories extended and see some of the stories/memories performed that were spoken about within the piece. I myself have been through some of the themes spoken within the show. It was raw and emotional seeing the cast was perfectly matched and gave an incredible performance. Danny, Gary, Mike and Luciano were played by (Sean Jones) I would see this show again and I would also like to see it help others who have had the same or similar experiences.

Tick Tock is on until 25th of June and I fully recommend. The show currently runs at approximately 80mins long and is one act, but it could easily be 2 acts and I hope this comes back.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 23rd June 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★