Thursday, April 25

Theatreland – Theatre Royal St Helens

Curtis Productions bring Theatreland to the Theatre Royal in St Helens. After numerous tries and a desperate change of plans through no fault of their own at the 11th hour, the Theatre Royal stepped up and brought their theatre opening date forward to help produce this spectacular piece. And what a show it was. If this is how live theatre is going to burst back in to our lives then I’m so excited to see what’s to come.

Direction from Adam and Charlie Curtis and Musical Direction from Adam Curtis, what this company have managed to bring in such a short time in a new venue is something to be extremely proud of.

From the minute the lights went down and the first couple of notes started, the magic was there. The show burst to life and it continued to impress and wow us right through to the very end.

With songs from the likes of Wicked, Jersey Boys, Dream Girls, Six and Grease, there was something for everyone.

The talent on stage was incredible, with fantastic choreography, by James Wilson, delivered with so much energy and love from the wonderful dancers. And the singers, blew my mind. I would put any of them on a West End stage right now and they would soar.

There were many times I was left in complete awe but a few notable mentions are for Naomi Murray with one of the most powerful versions of Defying Gravity I’ve ever heard, Charlotte Gallagher with And I am telling you which was flawless. The version of Heart of Stone left me emotionally drained, it was beautiful. And the genius mix from Mary Poppins Step in Time somehow perfectly merging in to Seize the Day from Newsies was mind blowing. The diversity between this cast was to be commended, one minute singing Dear Evan Hansen to the gods with Jersey Boys then to Phantom of the Opera, just a small selection from one performer, Jordan Smart. Every performer gave their everything and a little more. This has got to be the strongest group of singers I’ve heard in a very long time, maybe ever.

Every song or song section had new costumes which fitted wonderfully and the lighting was incredible, bringing the show to life and accentuating specific points, drawing the audience to where it needs to be. Unfortunately I am unable to name many people as it seems a full programme was not quite complete, understandably with everything this company had dealt with recently, I only managed to get a few names but thank you to everyone involved for bringing musical theatre back to our lives.

A huge thank you to Theatre Royal who made the event feel special from the second we walked through the door. Someone greeted us with hand sanitizer, explaining the one way system etc. The lady on box office was wonderful, couldn’t do enough for everyone. Every member of staff I encountered were warm and friendly and made our theatre return perfect.

Reviewer: Damian Riverol

Reviewed: 22nd May 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★

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