Thursday, September 28

The Two Horsemen – Aces & Eights

Whenever I am ‘fringing’ (yes, let’s make it a verb), I like to go along to see some improv.  The quick-witted repartee, the verbal jousting is exciting, and watching The Two Horsemen saddle up, mount, and strap on their jousts, I know that we are in for a helluva ride.

Liam Brennan and Tom Jacob-Ewles are the two riders that make up The Two Horsemen, and these two fablers tour, playing the medieval tavern circuit, with the aim of making it big in showbiz weaving fantasy tales assisted by suggestions from the audience.  Below is a selection of the happenings that went on:-

The intro came from Bubonic Bobby who oozes infection from every pore, and then duo begin with a suggestion of a fable about The Ugly Duckling who is secretly Macbeth, Brennan relished the role of the ugly duckling, and the line to is mother – “come mother, let us take over Scotland”, was pure genius, and shows that timing, and a knowledge of Shakespeare are a must for this story.

Moving on to ‘Fill In The Gap’ – where the two improvise a fable in a slimy grotto, and when the duo stop the fable, the audience must fill-in the gap, the duo must then continue the fable, using the suggestion.

Bubonic Bobby fills in while Sophocles Jr, who was touring with Oedipus 2, The Parent Trap arrives in his Greek god attire.  We find that Sophocles Jr has no scruples and lures Liam away from the double-act (the lure of medieval Hollywood is too tempting), leaving Tom to continue performing alone, the cruellest act of betrayal!  Meanwhile, in another show of their improv prowess, using the suggestion of becoming dragon trainers (these two will do anything y’know), the idea was that they would improvise the fable, whist ‘Martin with the bell’, decided when they must stop and change the last thing that they said.

For a lover of improv, it was a joy to spend 45 mins in the company of these two extemporizers, and if you love improv too, or just want to spend an evening full of humour, then seek them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Their show at Camden Fringe Festival is over, but watch out for these guys, they’re well worth a look!  If you want to find these guys, go to their Instagram page – two.horsemen

Reviewer: Caroline Worswick

Reviewed:  23rd August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.