Sunday, May 26

The Syndicate – Leeds Grand Theatre

The Syndicate, what a treat! The most upbeat performance portraying the troubles of real life in a new light, a simple but extremely sweet storyline that keeps you fixated to your theatre seat. The anticipation drives no intention for an ice cream break, as soon as the curtain fell for the interval, the audience wanted nothing more than to be back in the presence of Jamie. Oliver Anthony captured the character of Jamie perfectly, his performance was relatable in so many ways, it’s fair to say that everyone knows someone as charismatic as Jamie and he established that cheeky chap so well. Kay Mellor took the shop in everyone’s daily routine and made it into a fascinating show, having Yorkshire locals thirsty for cash because of their working-class lives, and providing an insight into what their lottery winning lives looked like was both eye opening and entertaining.

Although the show is based off the BBC hit series, Mellor most definitely made the theatre version her own, reeling the audience in like fishes to the end of a rod by the minute. It truly was a sensational night for soap fans with this cast, if Corrie or Emmerdale tickle your fancy then the Syndicate is right up your street. The show is action packed with crime, betrayal, relationships, secrets and regrets leading the audience through multiple twists and turns, one moment you’re enjoying Yorkshire twang and togetherness and the next you’re witnessing characters that thirsty for money they rob their own shop with a toy gun. Everything aside, although the show really does expand on real life experiences and trauma Mellor, like most Yorkshire folk makes light of the situation with the only way they know how, sarcasm.

The show follows in the footsteps of five locals much like those familiar faces you see down the town, there’s someone relatable for everyone and that’s what makes this show so wholesome despite all the drama. The group, also known as the syndicate or convenient store employees, find themselves in a constant cycle of needing money, working a lot, but still not having it pushing them to purchase lottery tickets at the end of their working week. Until one week five invisible members of the public become the luckiest people in Leeds landing themselves a healthy and life changing sum. Each character has a separate personality and experiencing what they decide to do with their prize fund had the audience in stitches. You can’t put a price tag on happiness but if you’re anything like Denise, you could treat yourself to a boob job. If you’re lucky enough to witness this show, you’ll leave those theatre doors feeling as happy as Jamie when he gets the keys to his Porsche, the serious wit and humour this show holds will have you fully dressed in a smile.

Playing until 28th April,

Reviewer: Phoebe Olivia Sian Hobson

Reviewed: 18th April 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.