Tuesday, November 29

The Scousetrap – Liverpool’s Royal Court

It’s press night for the Royal Court once again as they pack the auditorium and welcome to the stage their latest slice of comedy “Scousetrap”. This play was written by Kevin Fearon during the pandemic and has been adapted by the director Cal McCrystal (and most likely the cast!) to add their own stamp and humour.

The show is set in Liverpool (of course) in 1940 when the war is in full flow. The people of Liverpool fear that the Germans are turning their attention to their beloved port and docklands. The only saving grace is that Adolf Hitler used to live in the city, but is this enough to stop the bombing?

The storyline follows the city’s greatest private detective, Miss Inga Marble (Eithne Browne) in her quest to discover any German spies and indeed she has her work cut out for her when suddenly, multiple murders mysteries unfold before her. The cast are made up of some familiar and new faces. Keddy Sutton fantastically played multiple roles (Polly/Dolly/Holly/ Molly) all bringing different qualities and laughter to the stage. While Zain Salim must also be commended for his enjoyable role as Hotel Manger as well as his impressive choreography.

Photo: Jason Roberts Photography

The show started slow, and I have to admit that a few of the gags felt a little drawn out. Luckily, things picked up in Act two with the brilliant hypnosis/ spirit scene bringing much needed energy and fun! The actors all had an opportunity to do impressions during this scene which were welcomed warmly by the audience.

The set, as always, was memorising. I am not sure the iconic Adelphi hotel has ever looked quite as beautiful as this set did, huge well done to the talented techis whose creativity and innovation knows no limits. It was great to see the theatre have made some environmentally friendly choices by ditching the paper programmes in exchange for a modern digital programme that can be accessed via a QR code – very modern and swish!

As always, it is pleasure to visit this wonderful theatre. For me, ‘Scousetrap’ didn’t pack a punch in the same way as some of their other shows however perhaps this is because we have been spoilt in the past by the high standard produced on the Royal Court stage. They have set the bar very high for themselves! Despite that, tickets for this show start from just £14 and when you pair this with a dining experience, you’re in for a great night.  There is always a great homely feel to the Royal Court with local humour driving that community spirit. Thank you to cast, crew and creators for a lovely night of entertainment and fun! For ticket information, please visit https://liverpoolsroyalcourt.com/whats-on/the-scousetrap/

Reviewer: Bláthíne Maguire

Reviewed: 28th September 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★