Thursday, February 29

The Royal Court Selection Box – Royal Court, Liverpool

Last night i was in a magical theatre known as The Royal Court Theatre Liverpool. If you haven’t been to the Royal Court, then well where have you been? It’s a must thing to do in Liverpool. Supporting local Liverpool writers, directors and actors the whole 9 yards while indulging in a theatre style dining during experience whilst the show that’s being performed for you.

Understandably there’s been a lack of anything this year especially theatre, so it was nice to be in a room where magic is happening. The show started with a montage of news clips, empty streets and old Royal Court show memories. It was a sad yet lovely way to begin the show. From then on it was non – stop laughter and entertainment. The cast walked on portraying their new day jobs ranging from Uber Eats to B&Q. The stage was all covered to give the impression it had not being used since March. The first half was a pre-show to the Christmas cracker show. With cast members speaking a bit about themselves and their life in theatre as well as showing a party trick. At the end of the first act there was a moment that made us all feel warm, united and a little emotional as audience members around me shared a little tear or two.

The second act was full of songs even more laughter and impeccable singing with harmonies. You couldn’t help but clap along with the cast. Sadly, we couldn’t sing along due to restrictions however, they involved the audience in the safest way possible by doing actions as opposed to singing. Everyone was safe and distanced both on stage and as an audience member. Masks are worn by staff and if they wish to audience members during the show.

Where possible Go and see this show, support your local theatre and artists have a lovely meal during it and share a Christmas cracking performance from cast members Stephen Fletcher, Michael Starke, Roy Brandon, Lindzi Germain, Eithne Browne, Hayley Sheen and Joe Speare plus many more.

I fully believe Liverpool has the best talent known to man and here is a shining example of it. Go and see this show.

The Royal Court Selection Box plays until 30th January (tier restrictions permitting) and show dates, times and tickets can be found at

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 17th December 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★