Thursday, February 29

The Rocky Horror Show – New Wimbledon Theatre

The cult rock and roll musical is back and better than ever. With its cult following providing witty heckles, further improving the show experience and welcoming new and old fans alike.

The Rocky Horror Show immerses you within the film of a ‘science fiction double feature’ starring Brad (Richard Meek) and Janet (Haley Flaherty). A typical good old-fashioned couple on their way to meet their high school professor Dr Everett V Scott (Joe Allen), where an oncoming storm changes the fate of the budding couple for a night they’ll never forget.

The show was narrated by Jacky Clune for this performance, adding quick comebacks to the audiences heckles and providing well-read narration throughout. Haley Flaherty (Janet Weiss) was a standout performance in my eyes. Her vocal control was superb and captivating. Another stand out performance was Stephen Webb (Frank N Furter) who played the character with plenty of charm and playfulness as you’d want from a Frank N Furter. The whole Company were a joy to watch, and you can tell that everyone is having an amazing time and that energy resonates with the audience.

The costumes were a delight with plenty of sparkle, alongside the set that called back to the style of the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). Displaying the impressive band front and centre whilst playing those hit songs that’ll send chills down your spine. Especially when you hear the intro to Frank’s first appearance and feel the audience fill with antici…pation

The lighting for this show is superb, it’s extremely refined to build tension and tell the story of the show. It portrays a rock and roll feeling without over doing it, giving true credit to the lighting design by Nick Richings. This show doesn’t fail in the sound department either, giving you that punchy rock and roll feel thought the show whist keeping clear vocals.

The Rocky Horror Show is a show I feel everyone must see for all, as it resonates the message of “Don’t dream it, be it.” for everyone and it’ll bring out the timidness of theatre lovers, giving them the courage stand up, dance along and express themselves.

Showing at New Wimbledon Theatre till the 26th of November and touring till September 2023 get your tickets while you can you don’t want to miss this show

Reviewer: Lewis Downham

Reviewed: 21st November 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★