Saturday, May 25

The Oickers: Fruit Smoothie – Unity Theatre

The Oickers performed a ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ style game show as part of Liverpool Improv Festival. There is something truly remarkable about this kind of improv. You are not a character, you are yourself, and you are exposed. Hats off to The Oickers, who were brave and bold, and put it all on the line whenever they go out and do this.

The performance was a resounding success. The audience spent 40 minutes in stitches, and such a huge percentage of the jokes were well received. Even the ones that fell flat were followed through, and the ability to laugh at yourself is absolutely crucial in this scenario.

If anybody gets the opportunity to watch The Oickers at a future event, I would strongly recommend it. There is something extremely recognisable and likeable about them. We could all be Sandra, or Liz, or Steve, and we could all find ourselves in that scenario, and The Oickers make you feel like you would really like to give it a go. Beware! It is not as easy as The Oickers make it look.

My husband said to me about 30 minutes into the performances: ‘I could watch this all day’, and as a person who is not an avid theatre goer, there can be no higher praise.

Congratulations to The Oickers, and to Unity theatre. This performance was a splendid addition to Liverpool Improv Festival. Unity theatre continues to be a significant cornerstone in the culture of our city. Congratulations to Unity and everyone involved with Liverpool Improv Festival.

Reviewer: Andrew Lee

Reviewed: 20th April 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.