Thursday, April 25

The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington – Online

If ever a Christmas show was so bang on trend, it’s ‘The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington’. Not only do Sleeping Trees manage to pull off a high quality production full of interactivity and fun – they do it from the confines of a small house using bundles of creative energy.

It is this sense of the ‘make do and get on’ which is of huge appeal in this ‘living room adventure’ which is stuffed with Christmas cheer and puns a plenty. Interactivity is high on the agenda with easy screen prompts and many calls for you to get involved.

The story is as follows: Mayor of London, Dick Whittington, is turning on the Christmas lights but then a giant whale appears and swallows Santa Claus whole. Dick, along with his trusty sidekick Cat, must embark on a quest to stop Christmas being ruined forever.

In the panto tradition of heroics and saving Christmas, this year the message feels more poignant, with us all being encouraged to grab a wooden spoon and a cushion and do our bit. But it is with such fun, gaiety and optimism, you wouldn’t really get the subtext.

The trio of actors (Joshua George Smith, James Dunnell Smith and John Woodburn) do a fantastic job of pulling off multiple roles in their bid to save Santa from the stomach of Moby Dick. Costumes are fun, the songs are catchy and easy to sing along and good cheer is all around.

‘The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington’ as a ‘living room adventure’ is a brilliant concept. It asks you to make believe of a time when everything will be all right. Most likely to appeal to kids up to the age of ten, but then again, maybe we all need some make believe in our life right now!

Streaming 1st December 2020 – 5th January 2021

Tickets are available from £5. Advanced booking is available here:  

Reviewer: Samantha Collett

Reviewed: 30th November 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★