Wednesday, December 6

The Fall – Dazed New World Festival

Coracle Arts’ The Fall, written and performed by Sarita Plowman under the direction of Alex Howarth, is a poetic and unique exploration about how we are shaped by tradition, particularly religion, and how this effects the place of women in the world.

A simple set with one chair and a table represents the detailed, and often overwhelming, world that Plowman creates. The lyrical language of the piece is captivating from the beginning and emphasises Plowman’s switches between herself in adulthood and her childhood memories, which are emphasised beautifully by a change of voice and body language. Sound effects such as loud, but incomprehensible conversations, are also used to recreate the sense of being a child in an adult’s world, something which everyone is familiar with.

Plowman’s physical performance is excellent and you can see her transform into the child telling the story. The story itself is one which everyone can identify with, and as a result of this you can really empathise with her pain and increasing panic. 

As the piece progresses and Plowman’s anxiety escalates towards an agonising peak, there are some deep philosophical questions asked about the world, religion and the role of parenthood. The fear of realising the darkness in the adults who surround you as a childhood and the inherent patriarchy within the world is exposed tremendously.

This is a wonderfully awkward and very funny piece of theatre which will make you laugh, while also creating a sense of unease and make you think about the world around you in a whole new light.

Reviewer: Donna M Day

Reviewed: 14th October 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★