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The Crucible – Gielgud Theatre

The National Theatre’s version of The Crucible is a play that is not to be missed. Both new audiences and fans of the original Arthur Miller play will enjoy. This talented cast use every moment to create drama and suspense and keep the audience entertained.

The Crucible has recently transferred to the Gielgud Theatre after a successful run at the National Theatre last year. The show uses Arthur Miller’s original script under the direction of Lyndsey Turner. The story follows the town of Salem as they start to accuse the women of witchcraft.

Singing is used throughout the play to add dramatic suspense. At the beginning this takes the form of haunting humming and by the end of the show this transforms into a haunted chorus of singing, showing that the girls have taken control.

Photo: Brinkhoff Moegenburg

Milly Alcock plays fierce ringleader Abigail Williams with a touch of innocence. Brian Gleeson is outstanding as John Proctor. Every line is delivered thoughtfully to create more dramatic suspense. Brian’s performance is heart wrenching and powerful. Brian has great chemistry with Caitlin Fitzgerald who plays Elizabeth Proctor. Elizabeth’s performance is emotional and powerful, she commands the audience’s attention with every word.

A special mention also to Fisayo Akinade who stood out as Revered John Hale, Fisayo used every moment powerfully to help build the story further. Nia Towle gave an emotionally gripping performance as Mary Warren as she stood up to Abigail.

Es Devlin and Ellie Wintour’s set design in simple yet powerful. Most notably the stage is framed by a curtain of rain, which helps to create an ominous atmosphere. The back of the stage is veiled with a curtain of smoke for most of the play with key moments spotlighted. Tim Lutkin and Max Narula’s lighting design comes together to powerfully illuminate key moments in the play.

The Crucible is a powerful thought-provoking piece of theatre. The acting throughout the show is mesmerising and dramatically helps to build the story. Every line is delivered with emotion. All of the creative elements come together well to support the story and help to build an outstanding piece of theatre.

Playing until 2nd September,

Reviewer: Jennifer Laishley

Reviewed: 16th June 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.