Thursday, September 28

The Choir of Man – Arts Theatre

“Cheers, everybody!”

This fresh, innovative and hilarious show has launched itself on the West End, promising solid enjoyment which is sure to leave you fully satisfied at last orders.

While the story is a tale of a group’s highs and lows, with some rhyming dialogue and narration by poet Michael Hamway, this is not the key aspect of the show. A little unconventional, The Choir of Man allows audience members to grab a pint at the pub on stage before the performance, allowing for the actors to interact with the audience and set the scene and spirit of the show. Audience participation is a focal part of this show, and is one of the more distinctive parts of this production. Tom Carter-Miles performs a comically romantic rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” to a lucky audience member which is a highlight and a joy to watch.

It is clear from the moment the audience enter the theatre that this show is all about the music, performance and, of course, stage presence. The four-man band to accompany the Choir of Man are visible on stage throughout, introduced and included in the fun had on stage which is a lovely change. As soon as the singing commences, the high energy and testosterone in the room is palpable and remains during the performance. Each performer has tremendous vocal ability, and create breath-taking harmony when they sing in unison, a real treat for the ears. Acapella moments are almost entrancing, especially in Sia’s “Chandelier”, the cast’s voices blending together seamlessly. Luke Conner Hall has phenomenal vocal range, often providing the highest harmonies distinct from the other deeper voices. His lead in the choir’s rendition of Adele’s “Hello” is particularly notable and captivating.

The genuine connection between the cast members is a pleasure to witness, often minor cast interactions drawing your eyeline. The stage is always full so there is not a dull moment. The audience get the sense that each performance is unique, and while the material is slick and rehearsed, it also feels as if a group of friends are having the time of their lives improvising in their local pub. The show and the atmosphere it creates feels inclusive and safe, albeit full of surprises. The cast are beyond gifted, each playing at least one musical instrument and dazzling the audience with their abilities. Ben Goffe impresses with his tap-dancing skills, showing off further the variety and heart in this show.

This new production of The Choir of Man pushes the boundaries of theatre and makes inventive choices to keep the audience engaged, providing a solid hour and a half of powerful entertainment. Packed with a wealth of talent, punchy songs, and believable and down-to-earth characters, this unconventionally emotional and entertaining piece of theatre is sure to be an exciting night out and one that simply cannot be missed!

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Reviewer: Maani Way

Reviewed: 18th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.