Saturday, September 30

Charlie Jackson: Bath (WIP) – The Rose and Crown Pub

Charlie Jackson’s hour-long deliberation of taking a bath brings together clowning, improv with earnest curiosity. The Victorian pastime without any remnants of prudishness. As you enter the basement of the Rose and crown Pub, you are greeted with Victorian images of women enjoying the bath in paper mâché frames, countless rubber ducks, and several bath-associated knick-knacks. Charlie loses no time connecting with each of the audience members with his determined and warm demeanour.

The joy and enthusiasm on Charlie’s face as he takes you through his elaborate mind map of different aspects of setting up his bath. He goes old school with a flip sheet and sketches. Hearing his experiences, you also remember the joy you had splashing water in the tub as a child. You wonder if he will speak about the cartoons you drew on the steam in the mirror. He has a lot to say about creating and getting bubbles off, the history of baths, the lighting and placements of taps. The show also incorporates the doom scrolling that abounds after settling into the bath with Charlie doing various character impersonations based on suggestions collected from the audience. He is aptly supported by director Viki editing and improvising with him.

Charlie and Viki share great chemistry and vision; they run Playface comedy that hosts board games, clown improv workshops and modern art nights. They have been patiently and tirelessly taking the ten-minute set of this show across various nights in London. Catch them at VAJ & CAJ 2-person improvised show at Improv Cage match on Tuesday 15th 7:30pm as they arrive with great enthusiasm and energy.

The bath promises to convert those who prefer anything else to a bath. However, In the reality of climate change, a tub may be wasteful for some and a necessity for others. The divide of class and race often speaks to the leisure one might have to pursue some activities and the delight one allows oneself to abound in. The bath abounds in ‘Fursat’ in the unhurried nature of taking time to truly transcend to bliss and joy. The show leaves you with a grin and a giggle, definitely looking forward to your next bath with doubled curiosity.

Reviewer: Anisha Pucadyil 

Reviewed: 10th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.