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The Time Machine – The Lowry
North West

The Time Machine – The Lowry

There’s usually a golden rule that you don’t talk about yourself in writing a review. But when you end up being part of the show, it makes that somewhat tricky to follow. But this being a play about time travel, let’s rewind. HG Wells’ sci-fi classic has been subject to many adaptations, but this has possibly been one of the most irreverent. Borrowing heavily from the stylings of Mischief Theatre (the giants behind the ‘…Goes Wrong’ suite of shows), we have the familiar play-within-a-play setup as our three actors (George Kemp, Amy Revelle, and Michael Dylan) look to present their take on The Time Machine, having recently discovered that George is actually the great-great grandson of Wells’, with things failing to run as smoothly as they’d hope. The show makes the most of the tri...
The Time Machine – Park Theatre

The Time Machine – Park Theatre

Produced by Original Theatre and currently playing at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park. The Time Machine is a hilarious romp.  It is based upon the pretext that the great great-grandson of HG Wells discovers several items belonging to his illustrious ancestor in a locked box in his auntie's attic. These include items such as a ticket for a Take That reunion tour featuring Robbie Williams in 2025, that “proves” that HG Wells's famous novel was not just a work of fiction but, that he actually built a Time Machine. The play takes the form of a play within a play, and the actor playing the great-great-grandson Dave Wells (Dave Hearn) with his two fellow actors, set out to verify the time travelling exploits of his famous relative.  In this they seek the assistance of a wide rang...
<strong>The Time Machine: A Radical Feminist Reworking – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh</strong>

The Time Machine: A Radical Feminist Reworking – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Nearing the end of a one-month tour, Feminist Theatre group Jordan and Skinner bring their own take on the H.G. Wells classic tale to Edinburgh’s Traverse No. 1 Stage. On a well-attended opening night, the first priority is to find a seat amongst the predominantly young and female audience. Not easy - squeezing past tightly drawn calves whilst trying not to fall down the cliff of heavily raked seating ultimately, happily, pays dividends. Note to self – come early next time or bring rope! At the start of the play one of the cast asks the audience, ‘if you had a time machine where would you go?’. An interesting question. ‘You would go to visit your favourite painter, or ancient Greece or Rome maybe, you wouldn’t go to the future, it’s going to be sh*t!’. Yes…. well, set against rising...