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<strong>Strange Tale – Shakespeare North Playhouse</strong>
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Strange Tale – Shakespeare North Playhouse

Continuing with the opening season at Shakespeare North Playhouse, this tale explores the link between the 16th century poet and playwright to the Merseyside town of Prescot, in a fun, imaginative and engaging way. The production team “Imaginarium” is aptly named and as an award-winning ensemble, took us effortlessly and with enviable talent, through their “Strange Tale” of worm holes, eccentric lords, brassy landladies, besotted girls and tattooed thugs, to their adored town Prescot were somehow the bard had appeared. The Cockpit Theatre was a very fitting place to share with us the tale of how the bard transported from Stratford upon Avon in Tudor times to this pub in the centre of the Liverpudlian town. The links to the original Prescot Playhouse (where now stands a barber shop) ...
A Strange Tale to be told at Shakespeare North Playhouse

A Strange Tale to be told at Shakespeare North Playhouse

Imaginarium Theatre is thrilled to be staging Strange Tale; the second full length play in the opening season of the Cockpit Stage at Shakespeare North Playhouse this 2nd – 5th November. Drawing on factual historical research, with lashings of artistic license, and an abundance of fun, this zany and fabulously funny new play from Rob Brannen invents an exciting new mythos of Prescot and its historic connection to the Bard. Imaginarium Theatre present this new comic play that explores Shakespeare’s links to Prescot through a time-travelling adventure that blows apart the myths, the man and the missing years. Will Shakespeare is in Prescot, but who knows why or how. His Tudor days seem far away from the here and now. He needs the help of locals, as time is running out – his mem...