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<strong>Rumpelstiltskin – Park Theatre</strong>

Rumpelstiltskin – Park Theatre

Offie Award Winner Charles Court Opera presents an action-packed pantomime Rumpelstiltskin this festive season at The Park Theatre written and directed by John Savournin. The classic tale by Brothers Grimm breaks into a unique plot tracing the adventure of a greedy Rumpelstiltskin as he journeys towards reclaiming his identity after having forgotten his name to Dreamcatcher’s vicious ploy. On this journey, this consumeristic little goblin comes across several interesting characters in different places, offshoots of different classics at the mercy of the Dreamcatcher. Some help him, some ditch him. How does he reclaim his identity and what changes in him? The Panto opens with a delightful musical track ‘Once upon a time’ performed by Emily Cairns, Tamoy Phipps and Lucy Whitney dramatisi...
New production by Creation Theatre goes online this month

New production by Creation Theatre goes online this month

This month, Creation Theatre announces Grimm Tales For Fragile Times And Broken People, the first in a series of productions by its new online Repertory Company. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, a collection of familiar and lesser-known tales such as The Juniper Tree, The Moon, Godfather Death, Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin, have been re-invented for an online show which places powerful storytelling at its very heart. This atmospheric and haunting production for adults will be available to stream from 24th February to 13th March. Set in a beautifully distorted and broken-down world with woodlands which cast creepy shadows in the moonlight, five storytellers confined within their own mini-theatre sets, beckon audiences to listen to their spellbinding and macabre narratives. Th...