Friday, December 2

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<strong>Robin Hood ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto – Theatr Clwyd</strong>

Robin Hood ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto – Theatr Clwyd

Is there anywhere that can do a Rock ‘n’ Roll panto better than Theatr Clwyd? In my opinion ‘Oh no there isn't.’ Writer Christian Patterson has written a fantastic panto this year, full of gags, current topics and local areas as part of the humour. Wonderfully directed by Tamara Harvey, Robin Hood is a hit for all. The audience were laughing booing and cheering in all the right places and proves that Theatr Clwyd is the place to be for panto this Christmas season. The set designed by Adrian Gee is perfect for this show. Over different levels as the Forest of Flintshire(shire), it is a feast for the eye and I fully enjoyed digesting it all. Johanna Town helps bring it all to life with intricate, well thought out lighting and the sound was fantastic all night thanks to Matthew William...