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<strong>Red Riding Hood – Everyman Theatre</strong>
North West

Red Riding Hood – Everyman Theatre

So, does the Everyman Rock n' Roll Panto tick all the right boxes this year? I haven't been for some time but it all still seems present and correct: feisty heroine; wicked witch type villainess; incredibly dumb henchmen; randy Panto Dame; unfortunate audience/honorary cast member (yes, that's you, Sean); amazing music and musicians. Plus, Adam Keast, and he always is a plus with his ability to wrap the audience around his little finger, so adept, he happily makes any improv perfectly (literally) obvious, leading them a merry jig, irresistible as the Pied Piper. Speaking of which, will our heroine stick to the straight and narrow or venture onto the path less travelled, what with having two suitors? But what chance does Prince Florizel the Fortunate have, although the clue is in the na...
Red Riding Hood Announced as Everyman’s iconic rock n roll panto returns for 2022

Red Riding Hood Announced as Everyman’s iconic rock n roll panto returns for 2022

The legendary Everyman rock n roll panto is back for 2022 and this year we’re telling the tale of Red Riding Hood from Friday 25th November 2022 to Saturday 14th January 2023. You might think you know the story of Red Riding Hood, but this is the tale Everyman style! There will be outlandish and sparkling costumes, plenty of plot twists and surprises, and full to the brim with musical hits performed by a company of supremely talented actor musicians. We’re thrilled to welcome back regular team member Adam Keast with more cast news to follow. As the theatres continue to recover from the impact of the pandemic, audience confidence is growing particularly for joy and fun-filled experiences, that can be shared with family and friends. The iconic rock n roll panto is the perfect trea...
Red Riding Hood – Theatre Royal, Stratford East

Red Riding Hood – Theatre Royal, Stratford East

Theatre Royal Stratford East returns with its 6th rendition of ‘Red Riding Hood’ as its winter pantomime in its 130+ years of operation. Reimagining a classical children’s tale for contemporary audiences, young and old, is never an easy task. However, the team led by Robert Shaw Cameron’s direction and Carl Miller’s writing succeeds in doing precisely that – this adaptation brings climate change, self-expression and many more important themes to the fore without letting go of the story’s inherently magical and whimsical charm that’s enthralled audiences around the world. With stellar performances by its cast, complemented by an eclectic musical arrangement by Robert Hyman who returns for his 23rd year at Stratford East, as well as a vibrant design by Jean Chan, this performance simply tak...