Thursday, May 23

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<strong>Potted Panto – Apollo Theatre, London</strong>

Potted Panto – Apollo Theatre, London

I’m always sceptical when a show claims it can cater for ages six to 106, but this is Panto season, so I let myself go for the festive ride – and thank the jingle bells on high I did, because ‘Potted Panto’ is the funniest panto I’ve ever seen. From the start you’re not really sure how the dashing duo of Dan (Daniel Clarkson) and Jeff (Jefferson Turner) will turn out seven pantomimes in 70 minutes, until you realise the sheer creative power this pair have. Incisive and utterly brilliant they take the panto punchline and regale the tales in the most madcap funniest display of wit and fun. Their energy and enthusiasm are boundless and infectious. I laughed until my teeth hurt. I know some people aren’t fans of the panto genre, but to call this Olivier Award nominated festive celeb...