Sunday, May 19

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<strong>Picture Perfect Christmas – National Gallery</strong>

Picture Perfect Christmas – National Gallery

While I’m a cynical native Londoner, even I buy into the idea that there’s nowhere quite like the big city at Christmas. So, when I arrived at Trafalgar Square and saw the Christmas market and the (slightly sad, granted) Trafalgar Square tree, my Christmas spirit began to peak. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even realise there was a theatre in the National Gallery, much less visited it, but it’s a neat and spacious auditorium that I’d definitely return to. The stage for Picture Perfect Christmas is set to resemble Hendrick Avercamp’s wintery painting and set designer Jill Wilson has done an incredible job of creating something that’s both magically beautiful and pleasingly functional. Writer and director Francesca Renèe Reid uses the painting as the inspiration for the productio...