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<strong>Pericles – Riverside Studios</strong>

Pericles – Riverside Studios

Flute Theatre’s Pericles begins with a hushed stage as the performers sit quietly on benches facing the audience. The sombre silence borders on ritualistic as we wait for the drama to unfold. The story begins in King Antiochus' palace. When Pericles finds out about the incest within the kingdom, Antiochus sends someone to kill him. Pericles' flight starts a long voyage through which he falls in love but then endures several tragedies. Flute Theatre specialises in staging productions of Shakespeare for autistic individuals. Scenes are cleverly brought to life with impressive movement direction and choreography by Juan Sanchez Plaza. This made the play visually captivating, and the masterfully seamless transitions kept it light and dynamic. With strong physicality and emotive expr...