Thursday, February 29

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<strong>Madame Bovary – Jermyn Street Theatre</strong>

Madame Bovary – Jermyn Street Theatre

If you have read this incredible novel, you’ll perhaps be quite confused why Jermyn Street Theatre has chosen this to be their super cheerful Christmas show. Writer Gustave Flaubert wrote of the mundaneness of the bourgeoisie, the all consuming ambition of Emma Bovary for French luxuries and expensive silks- completely ignoring the whispers from her small community. The tragedy is held in Emma’s ever growing debt following her as she aims to impress her lovers with expensive fabrics grows overwhelming high, so much so that she has completely ruined her family without her husband ever knowing. In result of her decisions, she turns to the pharmacy and eats arsenic leaving her devoted husband and 7-year-old daughter to die in poverty. This adaptation completely flips the table on the ...