Monday, May 20

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<strong>In Clay – VAULT Festival</strong>

In Clay – VAULT Festival

This is the first show I have seen at the 2023 VAULT festival and what a start. In Clay is one of the best new musicals I have seen, full of heart and passion, it was an experience I won’t soon forget. In Clay is a one-woman musical based on the life of Marie-Berthe Cazin, a French artist. The story is set in her home in the suburbs of Paris in the 1930s. When we meet her in this story, Marie is awaiting the arrival of her fellow artist friend Henrietta. As she waits, she starts to tell the story of how they met in school and as a result the story of her life thus far. She is reflecting on her journey and career, thinking about what could have been and how she ended up on her current path. Rosalind Ford is very charming as Marie. Her comedic timing bundled with her ability to convey...