Monday, July 22

Tag: Ghost Stories For Christmas

<strong>Ghost Stories For Christmas – Liverpool Central Library</strong>
North West

Ghost Stories For Christmas – Liverpool Central Library

'Tis the season to be jolly...well scared by tales of the Supernatural, in the unsettling setting of Hornby Library, And Ramsey Campbell, our foremost horror writer (Stephen King is a fan), crowns the show with Calling Card, originally commissioned by the Daily Post in the 80s. Like the other three tales, it is atmospheric and scary: keeping you on the edge of your seat. And trapped there. The whole evening evokes an insidious feeling of constantly being watched, by something, caught up in an hallucination, or dream, nightmare, rather. Oh, I am going to sleep well tonight. His offering indeed takes place at Xmas, while two of the others could be any time, and any place, worryingly, though locally set is alarming, far too close to home. We open with Strike, read by Samantha Alton, parts...