Monday, July 22

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<strong>Evening Conversations – Soho Theatre</strong>

Evening Conversations – Soho Theatre

A one-woman show has its own stereotypes. Sudha Bhuchar smashes them and many others. But then, some also get reinforced. Bhuchar takes the audience on a journey of her strife and struggle, anchored in conversations had with her sons. She touches upon ideas of mixed identity (for both, her and her sons), being a middle-aged Asian woman in the entertainment industry, intergenerational trauma, the socio-political climates she’s lived through and the current generation’s outlook towards the world and life. These aren’t topics unheard of but what makes it interesting is Bhchar’s performance. She is a fabulous actor, no doubt, and her 39 years of experience clearly reflects in her delivery. She effortlessly reads the room and builds an intimate connection with the audience, making them feel...