Thursday, July 25

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North West

Dirty Corset – Shakespeare North Playhouse

They say history has a way of repeating itself. Theatres may have been temporarily closed by covid in our lifetimes but, in 1642, it was the Puritan sensibilities that prompted a 20year ban on public acting. And so tonight, we are immersed into the end of that period, in the company of Bang Tidy Theatre, whose three performers are embracing the new style of Restoration theatre, a much more vulgar and libertine style than audiences were used to. Directed by Helen Tennison, it’s a chaotic, bawdy affair, melding 21st century and Restoration language (reminding all that spectacular swearing isn’t a modern invention). We meet Neil Hasbeen (Laurie Coldwell), Mary Moralless (Chloe Darke) and Isabinda McLovealot (Susannah Scott) seemingly happy to be back on stage with their play “A Lord Na...
Dirty Corset – The Pleasance

Dirty Corset – The Pleasance

Bang Average Theatre’s playful restoration comedy follows a troupe of actors, Mary Moralless, Isabinda Mclovealot and Neil Hasbeen and their drama both on and off the stage. From shifting dynamics between the three to bickering, grief, unrequited love and disease, there is mayhem throughout. We are transported to the grimy 17th century with crude snippets of the past, featuring an animated skincare routine and multiple dance sequences. I loved the minimalistic staging with undergarments hung on a clothing line around the room and the imaginative use of props for swift transitions. The script, written by the performers had fresh, witty dialogue that felt spontaneous as it bounced back and forth. Some of the first scenes were slightly confusing without context but they were then easy ...