Saturday, July 20

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<strong>A Christmas Carol-ish – Soho Theatre</strong>

A Christmas Carol-ish – Soho Theatre

I’ll say it now: I love a good Christmas Show. I don’t consider myself over-the-top when it comes to festive feelings, but I do like the spirit of Christmas – the warmth, good tidings and all that razz the season brings. And so it was with much excitement I got myself down to Soho Theatre for ‘A Christmas Carol-ish’ by Mr Swallow (aka Nick Mohammed). I was not disappointed. ‘A Christmas Carol-ish’ is loosely based on a musical retelling of Dicken’s festive classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. And when I say loosely, I mean basically think of the story outline: three ghosts turn up to change a man to be a better person, and that’s as close to Dicken’s as this show gets. And it’s all the better for it. The writing on this show in insanely clever, funny, relevant and on the pulse of current ev...