Saturday, April 13

String Infusion: Euphony Live – Altrincham Garrick Playhouse

If you love music, then String Infusion’s Euphony Live is the show for you!

The vibrant, all-female electric string group String Infusion present ‘Euphony’ – a brand new theatre experience, and what an experience it is. Filled to the brim with band classics and pop hits, this show is really one to shock you from start to finish.

String Infusion, managed by founder Emma Rushworth, are an international all-female, electric-acoustic ensemble who have performed at the likes of the O2 arena, in the X-Factor studio and with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Not only did the group perform some absolute ‘bangers’, as you might say, from The Beatles and Queen medleys to club anthems, there was a tune for any music taste.

Euphony Live brings together the world class musicians of String Infusion alongside a host of vocalists, dancers, DJ’s and just about everything else you could think of. Truly, the show masquerades as a variety show; just when you think there couldn’t possibly be anything else to throw in, BOOM, there are more extravagant acts to compliment a brilliant playlist. However, for me, no act came close to the genius of String Infusion.

The musical talents of the group were interspersed with a variety of acts, including singers, dancers, acrobats and even a funky laser show. However, some of these interludes seemed to give some sense of being unrefined and under-rehearsed: although all were terrific and entertaining to watch, I found myself always waiting for the female talents of String Infusion to hit the stage once again.

The ladies bring the perfect blend of glamour and elegance to the stage and incorporated little choreographed movements to enhance their performance, but to be honest if you’re as entranced by musicians as I am, you really didn’t need the movement as their effortless abilities were captivating enough. 

Emma Rushworth, founder of String Infusion is joined by 3 – 4 other violinists and 2 cellists, but there’s no doubting that Emma stands out from the crowd with her enthusiasm, clear cut movement and overall enjoyment of being on stage. Your eyes were drawn to her energy wherever she stood within the ensemble, a true performer.

I really wish there had been more refinement within the other elements of the show. Don’t get me wrong, all were very much enjoyable: the very vocally talented group of 4 female singers offered a variety of tones and ranges, although while the group worked nicely in harmony as a foursome, they individually lacked fine-tuning and panache. 

The show really began to pick up pace and energy in the second act, offering an array of 90s to modern day party anthems to get your toes tapping.

Set to tour next year, if this one night only premiere is anything to go off, the national tour will present a whole host of surprises for music fans.  If you’re a music lover of any kind, and you’re after a fun night out, with tonnes of energy and variety then there’s no doubt this show is worth a trip.

Reviewer: Alison Ruck

Reviewed: 29th June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★